What makes a timeline good. It is one of those things event planner shine in. We plan every detail of your event and make sure things are going according to schedule. A good timeline is perfectly time of events and logistics to create perfectly timed event.

Like a good choreographed dance, everyone knows what they are doing at a certain time at a precise moment in time to make sure it is executed to perfection. It is an aspect managing an event allows them to put superior ability to focus timing.

It is a timeline that will allow perfection in the planning of your event. It is event planners who are trained to do such things.

1. Plan all details of event.

Every detail should be placed on the event timeline. There should be someone to manage and make sure all the vendors hired arrive on time and things are going according to schedule. This starts hours before the event time.

2. Smallest of details.

Even the smallest of details are added. They are added when the concern of the client or the event planner is concerned for such things.

3. Pass it Forward

Make sure all employees or those helping have been pass a list of the timeline. This way they can add to the items that need to be supervised. It's allowing your people to have an agenda or an opinion on what is important.

4. Portability

With all the technology it is important that all those working with you have a copy of the timeline. The timeline needs to be both in computer and on paper. With technology comes the need for electricity and sometime the venues do not have these things and lets face it batteries run out. Be sure to have written / printed copy of the timeline just in case.

5. Tracking

Track all items that have been accomplished on the timeline. If possible take time to write down the time it was accomplished. This will help for event reviews latter after the event plus an accountability of who accomplished what when.

Here is an example of a timeline MK Pure Diamond Events has helped with. Although it only shows the date. On digital format you see the time. Just click in the box. I placed it in checklist format to make it easier for you to use.

Checklist Timeline

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