Tablescape Etiquette

Tables....what is the big deal about tables? I am tried of hearing all about the decor of our wedding and little about the reality, how much it's costing. I thought I was just getting married. I don't care about the details I just want to show-up. I have heard this many times from grooms.

Etiquette defined: is a code of behavior that delineates expectations for social behavior according to contemporary conventional norms within a society, social class, or group. The French word étiquette, literally signifying a tag or label, was used in a modern sense in English around 1750.[2] Etiquette has changed and evolved over the years.


Tables go back centuries and their design, decor and meaning depend upon the people using them.

How many people will sit at the table. Round, Square, Rectangle, Oval, Kidney shape. What is that you want to have your guest experience and what the size of you budget affects how your tables will look. The one thing not affected by these things in the place-setting. This is the simplest way I can explain it.

Informal Placesetting

Informal placesetting: No utensil are in the place were the guest would sit. It would be acceptable to eat without using a fork, knife or spoon. Couples today can use food trucks as an informal way of serving their guest. I would personally consider this a casual wedding. Where you are not wanting to impress the guest as much as you are willing to allow them to have choices of food style. Usually more than one food truck is ordered. The guest have to be organized otherwise they are standing around.

Casual Place setting

Casual place-setting: Something you might do at home. Place a knife and fork next to the place and then everyone serves themselves in buffet style dinner.

Formal Placesetting

Formal Place-setting: Where all the utensil and plates are placed in the places where your guest are going to sit. The dinner or lunch is usually served and the guest do not walk around. The more formal the higher the floral arrangements get. It almost builds a wall across from your guest, which allows the guest to only have conversations with the guest next to them. This is often seen in Museums or Places that create a very rich look or atmosphere. This tent reception is not as formal in floral however it doesn't mean the guest are not formal with one another.

The more formal the more utensils are used and the more you are allowed to expect the behavior of your guest being so. The more formal you become the more you are charged per place-setting. The more quality of food, food design, food decor.

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