Amazing Wine Gifts

Each person has their favorite gift to give and one of mine is a gift baskets. Wine always is an acceptable gift. My number one place to shop for wine purchase is Temecula, CA. The vineyards there are beautiful. Walk around the vineyards, taste the wine and purchase a bottle or two as gifts.


The gift basket filled with wine and food has long been a traditional gift for the people in your life. It is considered a gift of love and generosity. There is also a store in town that specializes in gifts. More live food that compliments wine.

While your shopping pick up a glass and have it engraved with the persons name or His and Hers. Not appropriate add their business logo or company logo.

Number Two Oflia Vineyards in San Diego, CA. The location is beautiful. Bring a friend enjoy a glass of wine and purchase all the things you would need for an amazing gift basket.


Third on my list is Bernardo Wineries. Plan a day, a date and enjoy the day.


These are my three favorite places to shop for wine gifts. I love taking the time to walk around the vineyards and see the grapes, taste them and then purchase whatever you'd like. You should be generous with the gift basket items. We give what we like to be given. The abundance of love, food, is a blessing upon the human spirit and life.

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