Qualities of a Good Event

Event Planner MariaKamon (c)TM

1. You both have the same thoughts about what you are trying to accomplish.

2. They are written goals and a timeline attached to all things for your event.

3. You know the budget.

4. You are checking on your budget and able to discuss it with your event planner.

5. You are able to show her photographs or stenches of what you are trying to accomplish. You are both working together to have that accomplished within the time frame and budget.

6. You can both present the information to others who are involved without loosing self respect.

7. All people involved might not like each other however they are working together to accomplish the goal before them.

8. On the day of the event the goals written are completed and although you may or may not been able to afford items you still feel like your event is a success. The guest feel like you accomplished what you set out to do.

The truth is people thing an event has to be like those they see in the movies or on tv. The reality is it doesn't look like that when you are planning it. It takes many little decision to make an event work on the day of. These little decisions along with budget determine the success of the event. The true deciding factor is that your guest feel like you cared about them not just yourself in planning it.

MariaKamon(c)TM Planning Events List

From list to reality takes a team of people working together. It also takes time. Most great events are planned out a year, sometimes up to five years in advance. Before I owned my own business, I was an Marketing Director for a corporations. Our big Gala's were planned out five years in advance. Our fundraisers were planned out two years in advance. Before the fundraiser happened we were already planning out next years fundraiser. It takes time, patience and people working alongside each other to plan the things you see on tv.

MK Pure Diamond Events Planned Event

Fancy Dessert

From the beginning process to the day of the event when you are serving up your fancy desserts MK Pure Diamond Events will be there to help you with every detail.

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