Blossom Bouquets

It's that season. When flowers are beautiful. The air smells a sweet fragrance of flowers in bloom. Like Paris after the rain falls. This is what brings me to discuss the boutiques. The fun thing is with the traditional wedding dress, not being so traditional neither are flowers.

From floral arrangements that unique to the more traditional. It is no longer about white and purity. It is no longer a white rose at your wedding. The long tradition is no longer associated with the woman who is pure. These blushing roses are beautiful as well. I guess what I am saying is just because you carry white roses as a bouquet it doesn't mean you are a virgin. Just because you don't carry white roses as your bouquet doesn't mean you are not a virgin. That tradition has long since been broken.

Boutiques of color are beautiful. The woman carrying the boutique carries the flowers she likes or the flowers she chose for the season or colors she needed to accomplish the goal.

The traditional or non traditional flower no longer makes a statement of the woman unless she is trying to do so. Flowers are decor.

How unique and unusual are flowers in this bouquet? It's about what you as a bride likes.

These two examples are brides who have a mixed bouquets. They wanted to have both greens and flowers making it look more natural and beautiful for the perfect wedding.

The red roses on the bouquet is just another example how to add a pop of color against a white wedding dress really shows up.

If you are trying to get a dramatic response then a pop of color against a monochromatic background or decor is one of the choices for planning your wedding.

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