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I recently took a new job with Hilton Hotel. It isn't what I expected It isn't what I didn't expect. Meaning I had never really thought much about the types of employment hotels offer. As an event planner I always worked with the personal. We work together to accomplish the clients goals and create beautiful event.

I have a new appreciation for the employment at a hotel. Hilton is known for the quality of service. It isn't the hotel that does that. It is the people who work there. People helping people have a good experience. Some people walk in expecting, others want, others are filled with kindness, patience, understanding and appreciation for the quality of service they are about to receive. One week into the employment and I am loving learning the industry in a new way.

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Location, where in the world would you want to travel too? What places would you want to see that you have not been able too? The hotel industry tries to provide the same service if you in your own local town or in destination hotel. We take it for granted when we live in a beautiful location and don't really think of it as a destination location It just might be. The Hilton Hotel's have all types of hotels from what we normally think of as hotels to smaller or boutique hotels.

It's the people who make your stay. It is the service they provide. It is not an easy thing to always be positive well liked. That is the goal of every employee.

From the cleanliness of the rooms to the maintenance on the grounds the service business is always trying o meet the expectations of the guest. The client.

Planning meetings events, weddings. I worked with the people to make sure we would set up the location, take down the location, decor, photographers, videographer, music, dj's , entertainment. The coordination of all of this is what an event planner does. It is what we do that helps all these people stay. It is the word that we count on.Your word. Your promise. From making a reservation to the moment one check out. It is the word of the customers the employees listen to. It is that simple to be a success.

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