Exempt vs Non-Exempt

I recently was talking with a co worker about how great it is to live in San Diego, really California where we are exempt from many things... Mostly I question the thought of are we exempt from life. What if offers and what it brings

Paycheck Accounting

I can't believe the need of people to want things for free. They ask you to provide a service for them and then want things for free. Why would you sign a contract that states exactly what you will be getting goods and services and then declare yourself exempt? Is not the same government watching your that is watching me in my business? Meeting, Wedding and Event planning services are just as responsible to taxes as you are. Business is business and whether you are signing a contract for event planning services or planning your own event. Maybe its a vacation or a wedding site for a season to tell your people the details of your planning. That little box on the website you check is still a contract. Are you exempt or non exempt?

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