Black Hole of Planning

Black hole of planning

At first, we thought the black liquid was oil, that we'd stuck it rich and that we'd be able to retire and live in leisure. We actually started writing down all the ways we'd speed he money. Love can do that make you feel like it is all about the leisure of being in love. You finally did it you fell in the black hole of planning your day.

Big or small the day of your event will prove to be as important to you as the day you fell in love. The first thing is to pick up every magazine you can and read about it. Right? The funny thing is you look at all the photographs and get lost in the black hole dreams. The big day should be planned out according to whom? Parents wedding? Friend's reception? Budget?

It is you day. This applies to both weddings and evens. It should be about you. However, that is not what it always happens. You have others in your life that wants to share in your happiness an some that don't.

Romantic Doors

The romance of the day and you life, may feel like a black darkness of uncertain life together. The oil spill can spread to other positively because of the love you feel towards one another.

Barne Doors

The barn doors can open up to many who know you and love you for whom you are. You don't have to change they say. The experience alone of planning a wedding will change you. It is best to call you event planner to help you plan your day.


Oil spills happen on the wedding day, as eyes spill with tears of joy for your big decision.

Band of Gold

Allowing you to say yes to not only the dress. The band of Gold that he bought for you with his love. Because your worth it! Email: MK Pure Diamond Events 12-9-6-3 months before your day.

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