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I was reading the latest in the travel industry. What is really good for a person? Vacations we all long for the time off work. Sh.opping, relaxing no one goes on vacation to be worked or think about work. What does one think about when they work in the travel industry. We talk about the next adventure our guest will be having.

Here are the ultimate shopping guide to vacations top best places to visit in the Caribbean.


1. The Grand Cayman, Cayman Island will you be visiting for the scuba diving or just relaxing in the powdery sand seven mile beach. You'll want to shop at the local artistry stores stopping to purchase their jewelry as well as the baskets woven from the silver thatch palms.You might also enjoy the thatched palm. A little pricey, but worth the price is the price is the Pepper Jelly.


2. Jamaica Everyone knows the beauty found in this area. You'll have to shop for the local souvenirs in the western town of Negril to Port Antonio in the east. The boutiques, at galleries and even roadside stalls.

cruise to Puerto Rico

3. San Juan, Puerto Rico Plaza Las Americas the latest shopping area with more than 300 stores is most luxurious malls in San Juan Puerto Rico. One of the most buys of the Bacardi rum is is distilled here. Excellent coffee, pick up a pound of Alto Grande. One of the fun things to do is pick up a Panama hat. No Passport needed to travel to Puerto Rico which allows you the luxury of taking a cruise there, plane or island hop with the locals.

carebean island

4. US Virgin Island try their local beer wit te decades of St. Thomas, St John Brewers or just have fun with the local jewelry in St Croix with the unique jewelry. Don't even think about it, leave all shells on the beach. The locals are well aware of guest taking something that might destroy the ecosystem. Also be away of duty-free from the US Virgin island its twice the amount as other Caribbean islands.

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