What is a Good Meeting Space

As I sat at Panera Bread waiting for my customers I looked all around the place thinking of all the people doing the same thing I am doing. Working two employments, maybe three to make ends meet. Those caught between generations. The elderly who insist they are independent. The family who is growing up and want independence.


The "want" as I call it is over. The reality has hit. I am a single woman making ends meet to support myself. Looking at others and asking all the difficult questions. How do other singles do this? How do we all survive our own wants when we have others that want from us all the time. Constantly asking for the things that will make them happier?

I took a look through my "Kate Spade" purse and thought this is how those others look to me. Like a blur of reality in my life. At a time when I myself should be able to slow down, I can't. I have to be employed. There is no other choice for me. Too many wants to support. One gets tired of all the wants of others.

Kate Spake

What am I looking for in a meeting space.

1. The meeting space doesn't require anything of me other than purchasing the product they sell if I choose. They are willing to let me meet my customers there even if I don't purchase an item. Then and only then will I promote them to others.

2. Only if I choose will I allow others to join in. I usually deal with people I have to write contracts for therefore, I legally can not let others join in. However, I need the meeting space to respect the laws of which I am employed and respect the privacy laws in the state of California. We are all bound by these things.

3. If they are or want information, that the individuals who want identify their request. By walking over and talking to the person. You can't respect a person who just wants data or information without identifying themselves. Privacy needs to be respected. It is one of the basic foundations that thee United State is founded on.

4. If you take you are responsible for replacement. For example if you broke an item in a store, you have to pay for it. The same thing with stealing from a store you have to pay for it. You can't get away with it. The law protects us from thefts. Meeting and Event planners are the same way. We uphold lots of clients, customers and things we recommend. you can't think that you can take without consequences.

5. Book and appointment or send us a customer. We are not made to provide a living for you without providing one for ourselves.

6. I don't like taking home your bagage....I have enough of my own.

Looking forward to planning your next meeting or event! God Bless!

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