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Did you know that in the state of California there are 9,120,916 children in the state of California. In 2013 the number of abused children dropped from 345 per every 100,00 to 197 per every 100, 000. I wasn't going to write the numbers, however children of divorce are considered abused children. Not the normal abuse. However think about it. Something came in between the parents to fall out of love with one another. It may be a lack of love, different interest, they grew doesn't matter the reason for the divorce the children experience a lack of love, witness some type of discord and therefore theey are considered abused.

That total is a shocking 1, 796, 820,452 abused children.

Not all cities post the statistics of the reality of their children.

Why? Why does MK Pure Diamond Events Care?

1. For may years Maria Kamon the owner of the company worked with children. She has always had a love for children, and the hope of a healthy, happy life.

2. If she doesn't talk about it, who will. The only way to heal an abuse child is to allow them to express them selves. The only way to allow them to do that is supply topics for conversation other than their pain.

3. Bear Court hopes to collect times that the social worker can provide for the child to help initiate conversation. That is important and that matters for the healing process to begin.

If you are lead, please consider placing a box in your business to collect toys for children in courts in your area. First fill out the form provided and someone from MK Pure Diamond Events will contact you.

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