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How fun is it when the hostess of the party know her guest so well that she has fun with it. Not a all guest will appreciate your sence of humor. Therefore, when it comes to food you have to know when and where to have fun. 

Placing little gifts on the food might be a little dangerous, however not all people think a lot. One person letting her friends know that she appreciates them was as simple as her taking a bite out of a donut and placing it with the others. The reactions from her friends got the party started and all of the laughing.

Humor is always appreciated amongst friends. Who would dare take a donut with a baby pin in it or a harden heart. As woman and as friends we always want the best. However, the client required certain things from her friend.

1. Courage

2. Encouragment

3. Humor

4. Understanding 

5. Love

Let's face the reality with friends is...what is the reality with your friends? To some people on Instagram these photos where offensive. You'd have to understand what she ( the customer) was saying to her friends.

If you thought she was literally, then yes this might be offensive. However, if you understood the meaning behind the littoral then you would understand this might just be her way of helping understand how much you really mean. The choice is really up to you, now isn't it. It's a matter of character choose and your personality.

Not all things are for all people. Not people are for all things. 

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