When the Glass Ceiling Falls

Gabreilla  (Click Link)

I love this analogy that Channel has for its products and it's one that I will most certainly purchase. What it means to woman. Employed woman like myself. Mothers, Mom's Wife's, Wifies, Sisters anyone one who is financially responsible for themselves.  

What is it? You ask. 

The glass ceiling. A metaphor used for many things including earning potential. The right to earn a living. Guaranteed by the United States Government. The right to be an individual and have to become independent and manage oneself as a human being. 

I left space for the image I tried to upload it's not allowing it at the moment. That's not the point. The point is in business like any free world one has competition and this competition can help us become better at what we do or inhibits us from it.  

What is your business plan? I plan meetings for businesses all the time. In doing this I have found there are business that have plans that help their people. Like, help them get an education, self improvement, even steps to increasing their earning potentional with the company. Having brand loyalty. 

I'll be honest. I have never met a brand that helped me make money, if I didn't do the steps they recommended. It takes work and dedication to become the best at something even great.  

What is the business plan for your employees? Do you let them break the glass ceiling? 

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