2017 Fourth of July BBQ

I was looking for decor for a photo shoot the other day, when I came across this sign. It made me stop and think. With a new President and Blue Angels near by would President Trump be coming to San Diego to see the  Blue Angels fly on this seventh year? Then I got to the reality of my purpose for shopping for decor that day.

Planning a DYI BBQ for the forth of July. Party!

1. Make sure your BBQ is clean. I went to the hardware store to purchase one and they weren't on sale.

2. Plan your menu and prep the food ahead of time. Some foods can be prepared earlier than others.

3. Separate the cooking area from the beverage area. This will keep the flow of the party and help people walk around. Helping them have conversation or exchange pleasant words with one another.

4. Desert area should be located in another place. Hopefully creating a way for people to walk from one place to another.

5. Bathroom areas: Should be attended to throughout the party making sure they remain clean. Extra facilities should be rented if the person to bathroom ratio isn't enough.

6. DJ, Music, Band area. The dance floor should be placed in one of two places. If you have enough room in the center of the room. If you don't then off two one designed area away from food service. 

7. Make sure you double the food amount and triple the beverage amount. People eat and drink more than normal in social areas.

Happy Forth of July 2017!

2017 Fourth of July

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