Corporate Incentive Series 2 of 2017

MK Pure Diamond Events #2 My second pick is Nikon. Their campaign this year is Love. Since I work in an industry with professional photographers I have noticed this is one of their favorite camera. Wedding photography is all about love and catching special moments between couples. I can't help to wonder ask myself how many of those photographers use Nikon? I am who I am. Sometimes, it's like that when your planning a wedding, event. You have to be for your customers / clients, however you always have to represent your own business. I am MK Pure Diamond Events, just like Nikon is claiming they are Nikon.

There is a blog that goes more into detail about Nikon product. NIkon Blog. Now if your a corporation looking for an incentive gift, beware giving this might just make your employee a professional photographer. Their family would really like that, who better to start photographing with than the family. That's exactly what Nikon offers a family of products from the serious photographer to the amiture photographer. Like always please read the disclosure at the contact page. I am not a paid endorcement for Nikon, however I am not appose to receiving products and expressing my opinion. Please be advice the photograph used in the blog is a photograph of Nikon's ad taken by Maria Kamon. All Nikon ad rights are Nikon. If you like please click on an ad, leave a comment and subscribe.

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