I was asked what really is a placesetting? I wrote a cheap book about it on sale at Amazon. Really I started thinking about all the things an event planner is responsible for. This is an overwhelming feeling when one is trying to put it into words. When all the words don't fit into the design then the placesetting one sets doesn't fit the situation or the design. 

What is that. Like a placesetting it can't be forced into the event you are trying to form. It is slowly piece by piece place there. If it is fine China then it is gentle place there. Try adding Waterford crystal would you just throw it on the table. How about fine China and crystal that has aged and you have narrowed from others. Some weddings or events are eclectic, they are put together by everyone adding and somehow the event planner has to make it all work.

Event Planning is more than a job. It's more that just saying I planned my own wedding now pay me so I can help you plan yours. It's an employment with all the responsibility of that. Most of all it is helping a mother person achieve their goals. The question is they don't always not what their goal is. Like a beautiful placesetting you have to help them.put the peices together.  What do you think?

Leave a comment in the comment box, use wix chat if you'd like. 

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