The Greatest Wedding I Witnessed In My Youth.

Jack and Jackie

When your a child you think like a child, when you are an adult you put away childish things. I put away the dreams of haing a wedding like Jack and Jackie many years ago. What I didn't put away is the desire to share with others the deep understanding of how beautiful a time it was. First Jack was our first catholic president. Forgive me if I got that information wrong. It was a time when the world was trying to understand the difference between Catholics and Christians. The division was talked about often by parents, friends and everywhere one walked. Protestant, Christian, Catholic, it was acceptable to speak of religion. It's affect on ones life and ones world. Are you a Irish Catholic or Protestant. It was that everyone new what their Church stood for. Where it's understanding was in comparison with politics and world issues. There was no shame in having understanding. Each respected the view points although you may not agree. Church was more than entertainment. It was a place to get understanding. Understanding and peace within oneself on world issues. Pastors where free to give their opinions. Priest included in their daily reading a comparison of the bible and the world issues. Freedom was preached about often. It was a time of inner struggle for myself, mainly because I was a child trying to understand more profound issues than just trying to play with my girlfriends, house, dolls, games. Life had more of a profound effect on living than explainable. The Jack and Jackie wedding was watched. It was romantic. Yet, not only because of their love for one another. Their attempt to balance, religion, love, dating, romance in the public eye as well as in the political life. Money was important, however public conduct and grace played an even greater part. Bigger publicly wasn't always better. How does one achieve the balance of love, religion, marriage, faith? How did a young woman or man behavior affect their life? The Kennedy Family involved in every aspect of their life and Joe explain how he raised Jack from the time he was born to want to become president. Much like Tiger Woods dad, talked about how he raised his son to want to become a pro golfer. Then people began to want the same thing. How is it achieved? Sensationalism vs reality. I often wonder how the affects of social media impacts are youth with the notion that fame on YouTube or social media is the same as being raised in a family with good moral conduct. Is it the same? What was it that Jack and Jackie had that many missed. What is a big Romantic Wedding about?

Since Camelot days there have been other famous rich weddings. I could go through the list, however if I miss one will I be blamed for not having all the information correct? I don't usually have all the facts correct and many of my post are from my planner point of view. The one thing I do like brides to understand is the wedding, Their wedding is more than just about themselves. It speaks about the whole family. Their relationship with each other. Also, their relationship with family members, friends and loved ones. If you ever have a thought of getting married, then read about the things that will help you develop into a young man or woman and know where you stand with yourself before you commit to standing with another.≈

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