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Hi there, Diamonds;

Every profession has a professional organization that helps them become better at the job they do. Employment is never easy. Meeting and Event planners have several organizations that allow this. Each have their own conferences. There is: ABC - Association of Bridal Consultants ISES - The International Business Society MPI - Meeting International Professionals PPI - Party Planners International NACE - National Association of Caterers and Events Each of these organizations represent a different part of the industry. What we have to offer. We are educated on the Lawson planning Events, tends, logistics, who are clients, professionalism and protocol of event planning. Much like your professional organization they have a yearly conference. I'm sure Pastors, preachers attend conferences. The President of the United States attends conferences, Accountants attend conferences. If your in any kind of business you probably have a professional group that attends conference. I'm looking forward to attending this years conference. I'll let you know the latest and the greatest. When attending a business conference remember to: 1. Confirm all reservations and airlines.

2. Have passport ready if you are traveling out of the country.

3. Make sure you have some form of identity protection in place. They will help you recooperate just in case. 4. Let family know where your traveling to and leave them an itinerary of the events. Mainly flight numbers, hotel numbers transportation you'll be using and with whom if anyone you'll be traveling with. 5. With all the issues in the world it is better to be safe. I'd share with you my own experience with sexual violation, room entry and theft if I thought it would help. It's better to leave the past in the past. Stay Positive: Remember it is still considered the workplace and it is still against the law. NO means NO! If anything happens report to authorities right away, not only the event organizers, local police, newspapers, hotel security and if at all possible take photographs. Do what you have to stay safe.

Looking forward to providing you with a better service. The more educated I am about my business the better equipped I am to serve you.

Please feel free to email with any questions you might have or use wix chat. Thank you!

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