With This Ring I Thee Wed

If you have been following my radio station on Anchor http://anchor.fm/Maria-Kamon-MKPDE, we have been discussing the wedding planning process. Each day this week has been a topic that I think DYI brides would find useful. Today, we discussed photograph and it's importantance.

A photographer plays an important role in a wedding. He is capturing "the moments" of the once in a lifetime event. On those days when you ask yourself, why did I get married. You can look at your photographs and recall the great person you married.

Here are some ideas you might want to consider. 

1. What is your favorite photographic style? Don't know. It's time to Stuart looking at different photographs to discover what you think. Do you like editorial,  journalistic, lifestyle or what I like to call action? It just takes interviewing a few photographera to know. First know your style. That way you won't hire someone get the photographs back and not like thwm.

2. Hire one photographer for every 100, people at your reception. This way your long, lost, aunt or uncle that has come all that way for your wedding will be sure to have their photograph ready.

3. You don't have to have them all start at the same time. Maybe, you'll need one to photograph you at home for a few hours and a couple at the church. The reception is going to be really crowded an therefore you'll need thrid.

4. Wedding photographer work by the hour and contract. They can not guarantee anything other than what is written in the contract.

5. Have a budget of what you want to spend. If your guess what photographs and it's not on the budget, see if your photographer has an online store that he can post the photographs. If that still isn't enough charges the family member the money first and then order the photograph. They don't want to pay for it. Don't order it unless you can afford it.

For more information you can listen to the rest of the podcast on iTunes at Maria Kamon ©™@MKPDE Podcast https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/maria-kamon-mkpde-podcast/id1254532508

Disclaimer I have not been by any photographer or business mentioned here. This is subject to change. Allright reserved.

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