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Thank You to Pixabay @ for the free download photograph. Planning an event budget can sometimes be challenging. MK Pure Diamond Events would be happy to help you plan your next event, just visit the website for more details. Budget Basics 1. Know what your ideal event, meeting or wedding would be. 2. Have realistic goals. 3. If you can't stand budgets work on it 10-30 minutes daily until completed. just don't ignore it. Incase you don't know what an event budget looks like. Here a sample of a wedding budget. If you'd like more information about budget please leave a comment below, subscribe, tell a friend. I read every comment posted and try to respond to them all. If not by emailing texting, then by blog or on my daily radio/podcast at http: // If you'd prefer you listen to Maria Kamon©™ @MKPDE on iTunes, Google Play or Pocket Cast Recommended Supplies for Budgeting: Computer Printer Paper Pencil and/or Pens

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