Meeting and Event Planning Trends for 2017-18

Watch out because meeting and event planners know what they are doing!

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Thank You Pexel for free downloadable Industry News is so exciting especially when one is in the industry I am in. The ever changing world of meeting and event planning. Why do I call it that? Mainly because the app world along with technology has made it change into a competitive field for the independent planner. Let's see how much more we can expect, that we didn't expect to plan for. For more information you can listen to my Anchor radio show at 1. MId-teir is a incoming o better pay with better or increased benefits package. Luxury is on the raise with competive pricing , higher quality services. 2. Creativity is King. Due to the high demand on event planners hotels as having to get creative in the bidding for business. * with addition to online events hotel planners have to encourage attended. * special events such as meeting like meeting success scores, meet and greets, special invitations and BBQ, events might be possible in nagociations. 3. Industry People are looking for venues that offer more than jus meeting and event planning space. * Team Building * Corporate Meeting Space * Ballroom Space 4. Security is still an issue. 2017-2018 budgets need to have an extra amount set aside for the security. This will increase the cost of your meeting, event, wedding * Security money needs to be directed towards guest private information being guarded. Guaranteeing safety of personal information. * Guaranteeing selfies in viewers, hotel cameras and security cameras *. Guaranteeing safety of event planners, independent event planners and people who plan events. 5. Incouraging cheifs for catering to shop local for the events planned therefore cutting cost of food. 6. Technology * Live streaming events and meetings allowing attendee to attend from place of choice. * Instagram and SnapChat are changing the game allowing people to post live shots. 7. Booking lead time is Less. * Elbow room negotiations causing more stress on businesses. * Event Planners now have to consider more than the venue for events. * People are less willing to part with their event planners and would rather pay them more then have them leave employment. * Event Planners have more room for negotiation. Please read disclaimer on the contact page. Like subscribe , tell a friend and don't forget to click on an ad. You can listen to a more detail talk on Anchor and you will be able to listen on iTunes, Google Play, or PocketCast.

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