Hi there, What to wear? The question every employed person ask themselves in the morning or the night before work. This isn't just about work. It's like say " Say Yes To The Dress!" If you're like me you plan out your wardrobe for the week. It's planned according to what you have on the calendar. Why? Usually it's because I don't have time to waste to waste. Now if it's difficult planning for the week, then imagine for an event where you'll be photographed at. My goal in writhing this blog and talking about it on  Anchor Radio    my podcast Station also available on iTunes, Google Play, PocketCast. That's a plug now isn't it? Here are a few choices of what you can include in your invitations the next time you plan an event. All you have to write in fine print. Businesses Causal or Career Cloths: 

Thank you to for Providing photographs for blog.

The next one is Business Professionals.


Are you starting to understand? It is up to your Host or Hostess to decide what the guest should wear. If they let you decide then you get wear whatever you feel comfortable in. Then the invitation will not have the fine print stating Attire choice: California Casual

California casual can mean anything from shorts and shirt to Hawaiian Shirt and a pair of jeans. It could also mean a casual dress or rompers. You Can Also find this at MKPDE If you enjoyed this blog subscribe, Leave a comment, tell a friend and click that remote control on an advertiser. Figure out how to click all the bluetooth to click on my blogs ads. 🤢

Remember to read the disclaimer on contact page for more information. 

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