10 Places To Travel To -n Germany

1. Berlin, Germany Know for being it's Captital 2. Frankfurt, Germany Known for its 900 year old history and sturdy infrastructure for Meeting and Event planning. 3. Berlin-Charlottenburg, Germany Known for International Congress

4. Berlin-Mitte, Germany- Know for for being literally in the middle of Berlin. 5. Berlin-Tiergarten, Germany - Known for its historical Park Zoo. 6. Bonn, Germany - Known for it music and famous composer. Ludwig Van Bathovin

7. Cologne, Germany- Known for Vintage Venues 8. Dusseldorf, Germany Known for wealth in dining and multicultural flair. 9. Hamburg, Germany- Known for "Congress Center Hamburg and smaller venues like the remarkable Unilever-Haus Hamburg, the quirky Beach Center, Hamburg and more." Cvent.com 10. Hannover, Germany Known for the world's largest exhibition center. For more information please visit cvent.com. Like, subscribe, tell a friend and click on an advertisement. Don't forget to leave a comment. Please read the disclaimer on the contact page. 

One last sentence for this blog. If you would like to hear Maria Kamon talk about this blog please listen to Maria Kamon's podcast on Apple, Google, PocketCast, Anchor. Happy Octoberfest!

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