San Juan: One of the World's Top 10 Cities for Travel in 2018!

This morning,  San Juan, Puerto Rico  was distinguished by Lonely Planet as part of the “Best in Travel” Top 10 Cities for 2018. This unparalleled recognition is a new milestone in our business recovery process as it recognizes the strong infrastructure, rich heritage, and vibrant culture that characterizes our hospitable city.

This award is a reaffirmation of the resiliency that is allowing us to rebuild an even stronger Puerto Rico; a tribute to the unrivaled spirit of our people that keeps visitors returning and wanting more; and it is also a celebration of the forward-thinking mindset and collaboration that characterizes our relationship with you, our travel industry partner. For additional information please contact  MK Pure Diamond Events . For all your meetings, weddings, events. 

Click on the Loney Planet link for more information :

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