Before You Click Your Glasses This Holiday Season

Tis the season! So they say. When does it begin? When does it end? The truth is in Event Planning one plans and organizes for year(s) for their clients guest to enjoy themselves. Therefore, it is a difficult when one has to ask a guest to hand over their care keys. Too much fun can ruin things for many people. When I saw this article by AAA I knew it was time to do another post. Helpful tips for the season. From Auto Club of Southern California. I have to inform you I am not in anyway sponsored by them or any other business mentioned here. I posted links for your convenience. Should you be a business who would like to sponsor or support this blog. Please email me at the email address provided on the contact page. If You're Going To A Party Always have a designated driver. Make sure it is pre-arranged. Also make sure they haven't changed their mind throughout the night. If attending and Event by yourself make sure you have made arrangements for someone to drive you to the event and drive you back. Safe ride they are called. San Diego has Taxi, Limos, Blue Shuttle, Uber I'm not sure if we have Lift. Note: apps require the person booking and paying for the ride to be present unless prearranged with a specific driver. All others required advanced reservations. If you are caught unexpectedly find yourself in a position where you find yourself intoxicated you can call AAA for what's called a Tipsy Toe. You must be a AAA member to have this service. For more information please list to my podcast. Holiday Safety Tips" on Anchor: Please read disclaimer on the contact page, Like, Subscribe, tell a friend , leave a comment and click on an advertisement. :apps and Safe. Holiday Season! Uber Gift Cards : You can contact  AAA  (800) 400-4222

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