Looking Ahead In Business

I like most people think ahead and plan for the best in business. Will 2018 bring your business any new product launches? Will they help you with business promotions, business announcements, events, fundraiser (although not MK Pure Diamond Events specialty), board meetings, special events. It's that time of year to pencil in the calendar the date you like.

Here's what to think about.

1. When and what would you like to happen?

2. Count 6, 9, 12 forward. Put it on your calendars. We all use more than one calendar therefore it's calendar.

3. Think of how much you'd like to spend and write it down. You can always add to it as it gets closer. Know the difference between a tentative budget and date and a hard budget and date.

4. Call your meeting and event planner. Book the date. Be sure to tell her if it's a tentative or definate.

5. Remember to take out your 2019 calendars and write all the tentative dates for they year. If you have more dates then write more. Future goals are a fun thing to ad to the calendar at this point.

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