A Heart of Love

What is love? We are told it is kind and gentle, it does not boast. We are also told it does not insist in it's own way.

How does this really look in real life in real time. Does it have to be a grand gester or bigger than life. It's much simpler in life than people think. When you look in history books one discovers all the amazing things about love. How complex it is when looked at by man. How required it is when looked at by God. How gentle it is when it is true. Grace is needed and forgiveness. Such complex emotions expressed in a question that some think it's simple others complex due to its life changing affects.

They say love saves. I believe this to be true. What do you believe.? You're in control of how complex or simple love is. One man's love is not another man's rival. Is love true to only one? These are questions between you and your love.

This Valentines Day let the romance flow with words that will inspire and you can uphold. After the proposal call MK Pure Diamond Events for your Exclusive Wedding needs.

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