Science of Planning

Chemistry, Coumpounds, mixtures, do you remembered how difficult it was naming all the elements for science class? Now imagine this in human form. How much science does are human bodies really hold. I remember being surprised that humans are 90 percent water. Crazy right? Thats how some events are. The person is stealing a little of this and wanting to add a little of that and then they tell you it will be the perfect event. What happens in chemistry when the experiment mixtures is the wrong combination. It's "Mad Sciences". That's right. Poof! Here are some thing to consider when planning a DYI event. In order for your science from family ND friends not to create a bride Frankenstein or as known today bridezilla. - Budget purchasing power excisit therefore if you know your budget your NO will really be a No. - If possible consult with an event planner, even if you don't want to hire him/her to plan your wedding consider purchasing hours of consulting time.

- Have someone on the day of to consult with. Preferably a trained professional. - Sick to you budget when it comes to flowers, decor, and needed assesories. You can always use greens to fill in blank spaces in decorating. It's more cost effective. - If you have extra money you want to spend add it to the food and beverage where you and your guest can enjoy the labor of your love. - You can always save it for your first home purchase or honeymoon.

The truth is I have never had a bride that regretted coming under budget, however there are many brides who are in debt after their wedding and regret. It can be as much a four years of college or more. What are you going to do with all the decor items after the wedding? 

Photograph: Pexel

Photograph used on this blogpost by Pexel

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