Naked or Dressed?

Have My Cake and Eat It Too!

Hi there, I haven't written much about cakes lately. I do have to ask you do you like them dressed or undressed? When I started this business there were so many things happening that where changing. People are so creative. I was so embarrassed by a vendor who asked me that question. What I answered? My face embarrassed and I was filled with giggles, as I thought to myself; "How can a cake be undressed?" Tart? Sweet? 

The questions asked a couple are very interested when they are planning a wedding. This is why I will always recommend a wedding planner.

Here are some tips for cake shopping.

Know the number of guest who will be attending?

Will you be offering other desserts? If so, this cuts the amount of savings of cake you will need.

Understand cake is sold by the slice. It doesn't matter if it's an economical baker or an designer bakery. They sell the cake by the slice. Each guest gets a slice. The mathematical equation is # of guest times cost of slice equals the total cost of the cake. 

 You'll have to choose a filling. One of my favorite bakeries is name Orchard. I've been bless to taste all the filling options. My favorite is lemon. (Tangerine is a little sour.)

 Display, while your there ask the bakery if they will be displaying the cake or will you have to. How best to display cake.

Will they deliver? Serve? Set-up? Takedown and what will you do with the extra or left over cake? Some bakeries give small boxes so your guess cake take the left home with them. If not the venue allows their people to eat and the rest gets grown out or trash.

 Cake toppers. If you haven't chosen one this might be a good time to do so. If you choose not to have one that is also acceptable.

Make sure the bride and groom have set enough time aside to eat a slice of the cake you purchased. It's always sad for the couple when you've spent so much time money and effort and you don't get to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

By the way the cake shown here is fully dressed. Cakes with no icing are naked. What's your favorite way? 😊

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