Table for One

Hi there, I have never thought so much about tables until I returned back to my industry after raising my children. Again, I am at that point where thinking about my industry and how awkward things are when someone ask for a table for one.

The looks, the comments. Do I take something to read? Do I read my phone, live tweet, live Instagram or just sit there and stare. What is it about being single that creeps out people? Awkward not. I'm not about to give into that thought or give up my rights, because I'm alone. Maybe, I grew up in a different world where woman had the right to be alone if they wish.

I grew up seating by the pool side by myself. Tanning, reading sipping on the latest refreshment. There are many things to be learned. Taking public transportation anywhere I wanted without being asked to give up my seat. I encourage my children to take the bus, train, plane and test it to see what it is like today. They did. They learned what a stare is. They learned how awkward one feels at times. They also learned how they are living in better times then my grandparents or their grandparents lived. Gloria once said: " A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle."  She right we can do anything today. The goal is to make something beautiful out of something that may or may not be. The industry is filled with tables and it took me a while after helping many with their place settings and the number of people at each table, placement of place cards. It's a difficult thing to decide when it involves people you know and care about. Do I put children at a children's table? Do I place singles with married people or at a singles table? What seems like a trivial thought to an event planner is a great big deal to the person planning the event.

For example a board meeting in a traditional office is set up so board members can usually see each other. What if you have a non-traditional board. What then? How does one address an out of the box thinker? Will one use a classroom style? What if you want more? Will you have beautiful flowers on the table or keep it serious business with just the materials then need. Is this considered a placesetting?

Will one break the group into tables of 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 will this leave someone out. Maybe the tables need to be set in odd numbers. 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 13. Making room for people who have attended the event alone not feel bad. Not everyone attends events or even board meeting with their spouse, family member, another staff member. Most of the time people attend these things along. I enjoy working with people who come up with solutions for their business and I consider myself a person who doesn't judge another on the bases of having to do things alone.

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