Good vs Cheap Catering

Hi there, What is a good topic for Business? What is a business that hires and event planner to plan their event and wants cheap? This is one of my biggest frustrations! The corporation who wants us to recommend their service and then tells the person I have a contact with they can plan the event for cheaper. What is the difference?

The catering company usually plans the food. How do you know the difference between a good caterer and a cheap one? 

Here are a few tips. 1. The caterer normally provides the food for the event.

2. They will plate the food, unless you want it buffets style. Plated means the food is served on a plate prior to being served to the guest. 3. If the event is in an unusual place, off site. They must provide a kitchen with all ability to serve the food according to health standards. A health inspector can stop in at any time and see if it is to code.

4. Depending on the contract place settings and servers are an additional cost. What is a cheap caterers.

1. They pre-cook the food and drop it off at the designated location. 2. They pay or may not provide a paper place setting these caterers must be asked questions of what all the catering includes. Beverage, Food, Deserts, Placesetting. 3. There is no monitoring of food at location by health services, the person who ordered the food is liable. It is important to know the difference when your masking choices. It's best to take your time and do your research. Either way I recommend one gets event insurance. Many times it can just be done by the company that know the venue. It's an add on policy for the day or dates of the event. Like, subscribe, tell a friend. Read the disclaimer on the communication page.

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