How Tart is Tart?

Tart anyone? With the change of more non-traditional wedding out the door or window. The presence is yours. Does the need for non-traditional wedding cake? Let's throw all etiquette out and discuss the reality that weddings have entered a phase where if you have the money and are willing to pay for it, then you should have it. It's acceptable solely cause you can afford it. There are games you can play, videos, movies all which depict the craziness of wedding planning. The need to be out of the box when young is understandable. 

The joy of a wedding a commitment goes beyond a wedding. The day you plan for should be fun, exciting, The groom should know who has his back. The intention towards him. The bride should have fun in her dancing shoes. I am all for the excitement a bride and groom feels when they realize they finally did it. Everyone knows they finally did it and no one can deny it.

The thing is with all the non-traditional wedding planning going on is the foundation good enough to stand time? I enjoy putting etiquette where etiquette should be. After the party, after the dancing, after the drunkenness, after the people who seek into the coat closet for a little quick moment. The etiquette stays, unless you broke it that day. It is like the foundation of a house. If a storm hits the walls may fall, the foundation stays. MK Pure Diamond Events believes a house without a good foundation doesn't stand. It's a house built on sand. What are the basic of a good wedding? How tart is tart? Like, subscribe, tell a friend. Disclaimer on the communication page. 

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