Colored Events

The art of wedding planning is more than just a pen and pencil. It is a creative art that few posses who can do it well. Even fewer who can do it well and make. A living at it. The love of color in wedding planning has always been an overwhelming decisions for brides. Today we can add grooms to the list. The reason for this is as humans we are attracted to color. Color affects many different aspects of how we feel and act (human behavior). For example:

Each color is powerful in itself. When mixed with other colors it affects other the mood, senses, feelings and emotions. What is the tone you wnt for your event? Here are some tips you might wnt to consider: - It's always best to choose your favorite colors. You know how you react to them. If your happy most likely your guest are happy. - Consider the venue colors and what complements the decor you can't change. This might. Save you a few dollars. - It's always good to have at least two colors. Although a rainbow of colors may be fun. It's not always pratical.

The items you choose might cost more money if your only ordering a few items of each due to the fact you want every color. This is especially true when ordering invitations.

Paper cost goes up depending on the quality and volume. Have more questions feel free to read my other blogs for more information. Like, subscribe, tell a friend. Disclaimer on the contract page of the blog. 

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