In Search Of A Perfect Venue

When I fist started my business I thought a venue had to be this perfect place. Located in the perfect location amongst all that is beautiful. 

Today, I have a new thought, okay not really new, just willing to share with you. Venues have an expression of their own. It can be rustic, barns, yards, houses, or a ballroom at a grand hotel. The world changed as people discovered the cost of events. Here are some tips when planning an event in an outdoor venue.

Call MK Pure Diamond Events to plan the event for you. (Not interested in my business planning it. Then hire a professional to plan it.)

Purchase event insurance.

Rent all the equipment you can through one company. Chairs, tables, etc. 

Florals need consideration of weather, so does food.

Vender guarantees know your rights, before signing contracts.

Check your pricing.

Make sure you know what your doing with traffic, city permits and legalities of having or using an outdoor venue. 

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