What Are The Componets of An Invitation

How many times have you walked to the mailbox or gone to the post office to pick up an invitation? Just the touch of the envelop makes you feel like your about to relieve something special, important and like nothing you have received before.

Photographs by pixel.com Have you ever thought about why a paper mail by postal service can feel so special? Before we discuss this let's talk about the parts of an invitation. 

1. Save the date card. This allows the guest to write the information on the paper in their planner.

2. The invitation. This usually holds information of whom the party is for. Who is throwing the party. What date, time and location.

3. The third part of the party is the RSVP card. These three components of an invitation are to help your guest.

What do these cards really do for your guest?

1. Remember your day. 

2. Feel like they are a part of your day, by having an idea what the party or event is about. 

 3. Let's you know if they will be attending your event. 

This will help you know if you know how many to plan for. One should never take the RSVP of someone who says no as personal. They probably have another responsibility on that day. They can't do both. Time restrictions. There are companies like Evite or Punchbowl.com that offer party planning services with little expense to you. I will be writing a blog about Invitation etiquette next week.

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