Is Starbucks Taking The Lead?

Hi there, Social media and computer saavy Starbucks is taking a lead in the employee education of social media. The coffee mogal has decided to close many of its stores. What is it exactly that you would tell your employees about social media. If I place myself in this franchise company and am using my computer to do some of the work I need to get done. "Do you apple?" #iapple "Isn't this how it all was started? Ya, I apple but I don't want you up in my business." After years of Starbucks accepting this, what are the going to say to employees? Please don't allow social media. People aren't enjoying it anymore. That's what Starbucks is there known for. Isn't it? Politely have customer satisfaction over social media. Maybe they will post a sign, no social media while on computer. Social medial only accept while #iphone. I don't enjoy being on my phone in public places do you? Really, our society is suffering from social and if we go the other extreme is prejuduice. Where is the balance between showing people your not prejuduice, you just don't want to be social in public places with strangers. You don't mind talking to them you just don't want to be up in their business. It's a really tuff balance and I congratulate Starbucks for attempting something bigger than them. We will all be watching. Thanks for leading th way for us smaller businesses. 

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