Now You Can Afford A Planner (DYI)

I plan weddings. I plan meetings! I plan event! I do love what I do! What is it that honors a man? God? What is pleasing? What is good? We are good in our own eyes, however is good, good? Years ago my sister wanted me to plan her children's weddings. I prayed, thought, pondered and because I run a business I asked her how much she w*s willing to pay me. She then explain she wanted it for free. At that point I respectfully declined which angered her. Here is the thing. If it cost $35, OOO plan a wedding times three. Honestly I couldn't afford it. Her and her husband needed to be willing to pay for her own children's wedding. I offered advice, however that wasn't good enough. She wanted free things. Decor venue, food. I can't afford it, I said. Items to start their household. The anger grew more intense and that's when I learn driving with the cell phone on isn't a good thing. I'd receive angry phone calls. Stressed out mother of the bride or groom yelling at me to give her things. Cell phones today let people know their driving. I wish there was a button you could turn the phone off and still use the other apps. Like music and maps. What I think is most important is parents understand it is their responsibility to pay for their children's wedding. No one else unless they offer. The event planner doesn't ask grandma for money for or aunty Flo. We have a contract with the parents of the bride or the bride and groom. That is usually the case. The couple about to get married if they are responsible enough to desire to get married they are responsible enough to pay the vendors they want to plan it. We don't have an abundance of free items to give you for your wedding , event. We have them when our vendors give them to us. Then we pass it forward. Here is what I recommend. Take time and figure out some goals or dates you want things to happen. How much money you want to spend. How much money you can afford from each paycheck. Then you have the beginning of your budget. Life lessons are difficult sometimes, take time to learn them. If I would of had the money and all the free things she wanted I would have given it to her. I didn't. What is it Opera says: " you do the best you can with what you know. When you know better you do better." Can't afford a wedding planner? I have a new service I'm providing . You can purchase an hour, thirty minutes or even fifteen mintues and we can Skype, Google chat or whatever way we pre-arrange on your appointment day. Charges apply. Visit website and book appointment today.  

You can also join me on club for chats on planning code: DYIWEDDING Like, subscribe, tell a friend. Take a moment and read the disclaimer on the contact page. 

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