I have often thought about the people who think all these stero types of meeting, wedding, event planners. How they only deal with the elite. The reality is we deal with all types of people. The problem is we don’t pay for your meeting,wedding, event and therefore you don’t want to pay for it either. 

MK Pure Diamond Events has come up with several options for you. Can’t afford a full time planner. You no longer have to. You can hire our company for consultations via Skype or other live chat. It’s pretty exciting for us, now we no longer have to meet with you or plan you event. You can do it with our step by step leadership. 

1. Make an appointment to meet with us. If one of our programs posted for sale does not meet your need. 

2. Are you a DYI’er? Then this is the perfect program for you. You can budget exactly what you will need. Just figure out how many hours and sign up. We will send you an invoice prior to every session. One that is paid them we can talk. 

3. This program is designed for those that want a planner full time, however don’t have the budget. It can also be for the person who just wants advice, so they can experience the process themselves. 

What we do depends on what you need done. This is pre-determined before each session to not waste your time or money.

Budget planning

Color and Decor planning

Venue Planning

Vendor Planning

Contracts what to look for

Hotlel block out rooms

Location Location Location How to rent public places for private use.

Security Control


Food and Alcohol


Music and Entertainment

Hope you’ll give MK Pure Diamond Events a chance to prove how great this device is. For other helpful service can b. Sign up on my website. You can also visit wiz.com #dyi

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