Signature Drinks:          Lemon Arrowhead

As many of MK Pure Diamond Event customers know and understand I love recommending that they choose a dignities drink for their event, meetings or weddings. There are several reasons why. However, this is not one of them. This is a possible drink you can choose. Read other blogpost on MK Pure Diamond Events dot com. 

Please remember do not drink and drive. If planning an event serving alcoholic beverage, please make sure you have appropriate security. Check venues and bar tenders to make sure they know and understand the law. Certified bar tenders is recommended.  Please understand I am not recommending you serve alcohol at your event. This is a personal choice for each individual person. 

Sparkling Lemon Water.     

Use Arrowhead Sparkling Lemon Water

Snoffgaoff Vodak

Lemon slice or twist

For additional flavorad a clove (season to taste clove is a vey strong taste.)

Serve in a Red Wine Glass (stir to taste)

Should look like above photograph. Photography provided by

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