What Did You Do For Me?

What did you do for me? The famous questions of all questions asked of people who want? You want what you can not have. Another way of saying what you can’t afford.

Planning events I in the past have had client who always want things for free. They think just because we work with other vendors we get things for free. I often ask now, I didn’t have to ask this question when I first started. I am a planner. I plan meetings weddings and events for a price that we agree upon. Contracts are signed and we all work together within your budget. If you can’t afford to tell me your budget numbers, you can’t afford me. What do you do for me that I should give you items for free?

Here is what I do for you.

Visit venues. Negotiate contract.

Keep you on your timeline.

Help you with details from Save the Date Cards to The final day of your event and all the details.


Floral Arrangements

Listen to you when you vent about how much problems arise. This is normal. Events either bring out the best or the worst in people. It’s just how it is. What matters is how you deal with it. 

Now the question is back to where we started. 

What will you do for me?

Will you recommend my business?

Will you tell others how well we worked together in accomplishing your goals.

Will you complain about me as a person, due to the fact we are both woman and our personalities are different. Some dissions are made strictly due to budget and you blame me, because you didn’t have enough money?

Do you feel guilty about what little lies you told in the planning process.

You see when it is all said and done. This business reflects who I am. How I treat my clients is very important to me. I enjoy respectfully working with people. How you talk about me reflects on you and affects my business. 

Let me ask.

What did you do for me during our time together?

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