It's Time!

Do you remember the anticipation of knowing that you will get to stay up late when you where a child? The butterfly you felt at the thought, that you for that one night would get to be like an adult? I know it sounds silly, what a beautiful moment silly can be. 

It's time to start keeping time for the one night we all stay up til midnight. It's time to start making a list and for the next six months you can check it twice.

Here are a few things you can begin doing for that midnight moment. Will you have to steal a kiss of will it be given freely?

Choose a theme and stick to it. The next 6 months if your a DYI'er you'll be looking for things on sale to save you money!

Not a DYI'er planning New York in 2018? Check airlines for pricing and make your reservation this month. 

Hotels, whatever your planning from a nice dinner and dancing to a fancy trip to New York to watch the ball drop, this is the time to call and book your reservations. They will tell you the latest you can cancel if you need to. You need to ask. No cancelation then you still have to pay!

What the exact countdown until New Years then visit

Happy New Years! 2019

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