Are you like I am? I get to work and start whatever project I have to get done. Finding the facts doing the work. One of the things I hated were all the silly interruptions that stopped me from getting work done. Co-workers never knew how much I hated the silly questions. 

I'd get to work open my planner check on yesterday to do list and whatever I didn't get done I would forward them for today's list. I'd sit down to work and then started the instructions would you like some coffee? The secretary would ask. Less the an hour later she'd send her daughter in to sit at the desk, she's bored she'd tell me. I'd reply I have work to do. What would you'd say?

I'd keep working, trying my best. I'd miss my breaks.

What is the difference between now and then? I've learned that breaks are important in the workplace and the law is there for a reason. Since I'm not much of a coffee drinker still to this day. I will take my break and relax. How? You might think.

I take my yoga mat and even in my business close, although I admit it's not the most comfortable I stretch. It's not a full on yoga. It's my own version. I do it to not stay sitting the hole day. I reach for the sky with my shoes off on my tip toes and then for the ground. I move my arms in a circular motion, making sure my shoulders are not feeling the tension of the morning. I move them side to side feet apart and sit on the mat. Back stretches. Leg stretches, listen to my favorite relaxation music. Right now it Zen on Spotify , however their some other great music to do this simple routine to.Break times over!  

I re-center myself and set my alarm or stopwatch for the next task! Making sure to take a lunch break.

This new focus" I am worth a break.from work has changed my thoughts."

"I am worth respecting the spirit within and self-respect, therefore I eat health and nutritional food!"

"I am"

🙏 stay!

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