Wind On Your Big Day!

Oh how event planners try to plan for everything they can. If it rains we have a stand by venue close by. If there's wind, we move you inside and hope the wind doesn't hurricane. If there is a hurricane then we call it a natural disaster. 

There are many thing we can plan for. We try not to control them we just understand the planning process. Nature is one of those. They are called "Acts Of God". Acts of God are when the forces of nature take over the event. The weather report was check it said sunny and suddenly it starts to rain! That's an Act of God no event planner can plan for this. It is always important to place the information on a contract.

Here is what I recommend to my clients. 

Purchase event insurance.

Look at the weather predictions since most of them are only 10 days in advance, weddings and big events are planned out a year in advance the truth is one can guarantee the weather.

Pick a venue that has the ability to quickly re groups or has a backup plan for situations of natural disasters.

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