Uber Heard of them?

This is it! Express Pool? Pool? Or X. What I thought? It didn't make sense to me. For years I have had to order limousines, vans, town cars, antique cars, taxis and Uber for my clients. Never really had to ride one myself. Uber that is. This is a blog about my experience with Uber.

 My story is a simple one. I took my car to be  tires and brakes Evans Tires. It would take 3-4 hours. I had them look at all the recommendations then other company takes to me about.

 In the meantime, I had a salon appointment. I looked up Uber and it was a tenth of a mile. The app said they could pick me up in 15 minutes. I thought I'll just walk. I walked there in the time I was on Uber  waiting list. No Big Deal! I thought the Uber ride wait list was short. Taxi service sometime takes more waiting time depending on your location. After my appointment I called for an Uber.

Here are the things I liked and didn't like. 

I have a question why does the app ask me to connect with my contacts? Information they don't need.

I loved their safety section about Uber.

I loved that they have a photograph of the driver and his car license plate number that I can just screen shoot and send a copy to people who car about me.

I loved how the app is very detailed regarding arrival time and location.

Know the difference in services. I didn't and ordered express pool. This means the Uber person meets you close to where your at. However, they will not enter into parking lots. It also means there is more than one person in the car.

Turn app off. Sign out when not in use.

No cash should exchange hands.

Uber wants you to have a safe experience. You have to want it too.

Now my personal advice is with any app. If you have to attach a credit card use one you can purchase from the store. Whether a Uber gift card or a credit card like Visa, Master, or American Express. It's best to have alternatives for people on a budget. Uber like any form of transportation can get costly. It'salso a safety measure.

If under the age of 21 I personally believe a person should know where you are at at all times. Parent, friend a responsible person if something happens, they would respond appropriately. Send the person a photo if you can of the make and color of the car.

Overall it was a good experience. The app will ask you if you want to tip the driver $1 , $2 $5 dollars. Let me know what you think. 

Also drop me an email if you have tried Lfyt on the East Coast.

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