Bird Cage Hat

Awaken by the sound of the alarm. To the dramatic reports of the reporter on NPR. I found this radio station a while ago. Although, I don't recommend them for waking up to. The dramatic, how truthful is it of the happenings of the world. Kids in cages? The story of what President Trump administration is doing to migrant children. Now blame shifting to Obama. Tic Tat! Don't really want to know or want to hear about it right now. I lazily turned off the radio and their wants.

While laying in bed I thought that the topic would make a good blog. Bird Cage that is. Not the NPR station. What a name, anyway NPR. Everry big and small  corporations uses PR. Public relations, plus all the places in the world that have the initials PR. That's my frustration speaking. I thought to myself. I hate violent wake ups. When your finally have to awake after being awaken several times a night.then it's finally time and your awaken with a radio station playing TIt for Tat with Presidents. Not interested interested. Meaning. Not getting paid. Not ending PR for my Business. That's not what my business is about, however it's important to know what's happening in the world. To the point of this blog. I don't like to discuss politics. Now will these company's send me referrals or a paycheck to financially support myself? Will I get paid for planning for them? Meeting, wedding, event? That's what I do I plan weddings,meetings, events, I blog, I podcast, for a living. If I didn't get paid for it I didn't plan it. That's what pays the bills not some false radio station with wants.  Let's discuss the topic Bird Cage Hats.

A wedding fashion not used very often in the United States, however it excist. Maybe it will help those who are in bird cages in the future. Bird Cage Hat, they are glamours, elegant and sophisticated. Worn in Europe by the finest, refined woman. Here is a snapshot of them.

There are many variations. They are used for woman who are usually mature enough to carry them. I apologize for the photographs I didn't have a chance to ask the hat makers I know to send me photographs of the hats they make.

Sometimes bridesmaids make a grand entrance wearing smaller versions. They may also come in the form of a headband. Bird Cage hats have been around for centuries. It's a fashion statement. 

I use to love attending church on Sundays as a child, just to see the hats. I loved the colors, styles and variations. One Sunday while visiting a church I had the courage to asked one lady where she got her beautiful hat. She replied she made it. It was a completion for the ladies at the church I was visiting. So much fun, I thought someday. Little more did I know I'd end up meeting another hatmaker. So much work goes into making a hat just right.

In a wedding the hat should match the dress. At least contain a hint of the dress color. Somewhat momocramatic color. I enjoy how now they have the same color dresses in different hues and style. It can have a small something different to keep everyone as individuals. Bridesmaids are not all the bride, however they are. They are the bride, they are her witnesses. They stand in agreement with the wedding. Same goes for groomsmen. Just because they are all dressed alike doesn't mean they are all one. They stand as witness to the marriage. Suppose to help him stay faithful "Prone to wonder" . That's what men use to be considered. The wedding party helps them stay together. Now this applies to both. Right? No rules responsibility or respect. Is it acceptable to cheat?

If your not in agreement than don't accept the position of bridesmaid groomsmen. The responsibility is the couples your just witness and friends.

Like the wedding veil it is important to understand the importance of the day what it means and what meaning you want to give it. The rest of your life you'll be husband and wife. It's up to you what you make of the relationship.

The wedding hat or veil is a symbol of what you stand for and believe.

I have two hat makers I work with to create hats for my wedding parties. One is in San Diego and the other one is in Temecula, both in the state of California. Temecula specializes in Vineyard weddings. San Diego hat maker due to its closenes specialize in hats for the races. Del Mar race track is close by and opening day is a big deal in San Diego.

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