I have often wondered if I had an office would I place a sign on the window that read Open, would I place it on the door. Wood or glass? Such important questions I will never answer. Why? I am "By appointment only!" 

That means like a doctor, an attorney, many other businesses. I will not met with you unless you have an appointment. Why is that?  You might ask. 

Before we meet I get a certain amount of information. For example: date, time, location of the wedding, meeting or event you want planned.

With that I am able to see if I am available on that date. I only book one event on the day. 

I do some prep work on what you might be looking for. Allowing me to understand the cost or time.

If the cost and time amount of the goods and services I'm offering do not work for you. Then don't sign the contract. I get paid for what I offer. Nothing is free.

Not even the cup of coffee I purchase for you when we meet to discuss the contract. I'll add it to your tab or use it as a business expense. Cost of doing business.

If you and I do not communicate well or like each other, then the contract is as it should be. BUSINESS! 

Your not hiring me to be your friend your hiring me and paying for my business to represent you, assist you, manage and produce, stage your meeting, wedding, event.

In return I charge you a fee for the services and special skills I own that you do not have. I do not represent your attitude, ability, personality. I represent my business who helps people plan their meetings, wedding, event. I do not have an open sign on my windows or my door.

I am!  Maria Kamon  MK Pure Diamond Events! Maria Kamon Photography!

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