What is?

As usual the back to school rush is in. All over the world there are you men and woman pleading to a sority or ferturnity.  What is? The question they must ask to know the difference between reality and the history of the sority or feturnity.

What is etiquette?

What is a placesetting?

What is the requirement?

What is the expectations?

What is the reality?

What is love?

What is abuse?

What is imprtant?

What is not importat?

What is I am?

What is budget?

What is limitations?

You ask this question?

The question that many people want to know is will I met the love of my life in college or university? My answer is always the same. Stay focus and study. If you meet him/her you'll know. The goal is to graduate.

The same thing happens when your planning an event. You the client can expect every vendor to ask questions of you. You in turn have to know the answer or the hustle.

That's why event planners are important. We help you answer all the tough questions and stay out of the hustle. We prep you with all the questions you need to have anwers before asked. You can think of it as a studying for SAT, LSET or any test before the big exam. We believe! I believe you'll get through it. I believe it will be the best event ever! I belive you'll survive your big event. Why? I love what I do! #meetings #weddings #events

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