10 Holiday Gifts for Men


As many of you know one of the things I enjoy doing each year is Blogmas. Blogs a time when stories are told and created about what is best. What gifts to give. What fun things to do etc. Some call it a count to the advent calendar. Although, I do not think about it that way, I do enjoy writing. This year I decided to post blogs that might be helpful or creative ways to think of event in life. To start things off I thought I could share what I think are fun and good gifts for men.

Lets get started:

1. A watch. An elegant watch that can be worn to his employment or elegant evenings out.

For the workplace I recommend Hugo Boss, Movado Suit Up, if your budget can afford it Cartier.

2. A Blue or Black classic business suit that he can dress up or dress down.

3. Men’s Fragence right now on trend are several to choose from. Since this is a personal preference I recommended you talk with the person at the fragrance counter. Here are several I recommend. Chanel Blue, Dior, Savage. I also recommend you purchase a full size for home and a travelers size for his briefcase.

4. Small a camera. This year there is the Osmo. However, Sony has a small camera that is very competitive. Depends on your price point.

5. Craft vehicles. Yes, I realize this might be over the top for some, however it is important for men who work all day to have something to place with and enjoy the outdoors. Top three picks bicycle, kayaks and a good old fashing rod. See what he creates with it.

6. Small appliances. Add a few cooking lessons to see if this is something he’d enjoy.

7. Sunglasses. The classic Ray-ban are always in style.

8. Shoes, classy or casual depends on your taste. A deviation from the classic business dress shoe is a dressy suit boot. He will still have to maintain the integrity of the shoe, however it will maintain the support and protection his ankles need throughout the day.

9. A warm dress coat, a furry faux fur coar for winter, down coat for winter sports game. One that he always wanted and wouldn’t spend the money for himself.

10. A vacation, this time don’t think of what you want. What place would he like to visit. Currently there are several airfares for less.

This is is my top ten pick. Like, subscribe tell a friend. Disclaimer these are suggestions and you may follow what your budget dictates. This post is not sponsored.

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