10 HOLIDAY Gifts For Woman

It is one of the funnest things I have ever done. Speaking as a woman that is. I actually enjoyed myself walking around asking myself how much I would enjoy this or that. To tell you the truth I have never thought so much of myself. If I were to be able to purchase it all would I. Could I? Why are my limitations as a woman. Do I really have any. Now for the practical side. I don’t want everything the world has to offer. That the holder mentality no one really needs.

HERE IS MY FAVORITE OF ALL THINGS I had the chance to see, touch and experience.

1. A beautiful watch, one that is dressy enough to go out on a date, practical enough to were in my career. I recommend Seiko (solar) , Bulliva had some nice watches, Cartier. Yes I understand this might be out of your price point. Start saving for nest year. These are gifts that she will want to wear over and over again.

2. A purse to carry to work that won’t make a woman look like she traveling like a briefcase but smaller and I discover some designers that has them like Radley London Burnham. Although it’s not designed for it you could probably fit your wallet and valuables in the zipper compartment. While a small laptop in the back compartment and your camera, makeup, phone in the front. I like others struggle with the weight and not all of us like caring a backpack, purse in high heal shoes. This item was really difficult. Even designer haven’t realized this niche market. The “entrepreneur social” I like to call it.

3. A designer dress. Even if it’s only one dress she owns. Something that makes her feel like a million dollars. A dress that she can dress up or down for the dinner parties and social events. This year I really enjoyed seeing some of the Chanel, Dior and Oscar de la Rente. They have some great starts or basic foundation cloths. Slowly, she can build from there. Like the more trendy, sexy dress? Micheal Korz

4. Shoes... always in style is the basic black pump aka Stelio depending on the heal height show. However some new additions are leather boots that somehow look like knee high socks. Not sure exactly how the designer did that, anyway. Some of my favorites are Chanel and for the very feminine Jimmy Choo.

5. Now my favorite to receive is diamonds. Young or old you can never go wrong ny purchasing a piece of Jewlery for her. Real is always best however, fake like faux fur has its place in a wardrobe.

6. If the woman is young and starting off household appliances. If she’s more mature than something new and trendy that you know she doesn’t have.

7. Let’s talk travel... the big what to take when traveling. I love the new sets out with the cosmetic bag and all the items she would need. I even saw one that had a hair dryer, curling iron etc in a small cosmetic bag.

8. With that you can include a vacation to the most romantic place you can think of. Need help send me an email and I will happily make some recommendations. When your young it’s difficult to know when your old....that’s a different story. Romance is created if love excist. As I posted earlier there are some great deals to warm places if your in the cold.

9. Coat. Do you like faux fur? Leather? There are the cutest seasonal coats with a mix of both. Leather and fur. Mix with a leather skirt and the lady is hot.

10. I think I put this on the men’s list. A small camera to capture the moment. It’s perfect for the mom that has to go from work to children’s activities or the woman who enjoys being social. I still recommend. The new Osmo and the Sony. They are small enough to carry in any briefcase, or purse.

Like, Subscribe, tell a friend. Disclaimer: Remember these are recommendations. This is not a sponsored. Blog therefore I am not imposing my thoughts or opinions upon you.

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