The holidays are almost here. Yes, I use the word Holidays to be inclusive of all religious beliefs. Respect is the beginning of understanding. If you are be planning a holiday party or two. You want your guest to feel like they had a wonderful time and when they are ready to leave by having a surprise. A gift a thank you for attending. A wish for good things. Here are some DYI (DO IT YOURSELF)

1. Bake mini loafs of bread and place in gift boxes or cookies. Use tan paper and twine to add that home made feel.

2. Print stickers and place them in clear bags. Add a bow.

3, Make small candles versions of the ones you used around the venue. Tie a ribbon around it. If it’s has fragence then the better. Smell can evoke memories of the timer spent together.

4. Label your guess toast glass with their name on it. Use as placeholder at the dinner table. During your event or party announce they can take their glass with them. Please be sure to have a little bag or box for the guest to place their gift when leaving.

Here are four DYI Prep for the Holidays gift 🎁 ideas. Wishing you and your family 2018 is the best one yet!

Like, subscribe tell a friend. Disclaimer this is my opinion never forced upon others. If you’d like more suggestions please sign up for a consultation appointment.

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